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Tagged by :iconkittyhawk456:
The tag is to "list your #1 favorite Pokemon from each of the current 6 generations and tell why". Then, you're supposed to tag 6 others. (it was first nicknamed the 666 meme apparently, ha) Sorry to say though, but some generations I have too hard of a time picking just 1, haha. Oh well! Let's get on with this show of mostly fists and feathers.

Gen 1:
Fearow / Hitmonchan
Fave by generation - 1 by whmSeik

So gen 1, ah, it's hard to pick from gen 1 really because I can't really tack down a true fave. Nothing really grabs my interest like it did in gen 5. But these two are high in the list for me. I remember when I was first playing Red I liked Fearow's cry a lot as well as its game icon, also, Drill Peck was great. I also really like Hitmonchan, picked it in Red and loved having all the different elemental punches to use on everything. Coming to realize in gen 3 that I really loved all the fighting types that were out so far just further cemented my like of them.

Gen 2:
Fave by generation - 2 by whmSeik
Loved this little bean when I finally found one in Silver. And then again in Crystal for the tiny little fist shake. Their design is cute and the prospect of evolving into several different things like Eevee was really cool. Though a lot more complicated haha. I know didn't understand the games very well back then, so I got a Hitmonlee and Hitmontop before I got the Hitmonchan I wanted, but hey, they were all cool and I needed all their dex info no matter how I went about it. It sucked that they didn't learn anything naturally, but I suppose that was the idea. A little dude who wants to grow stronger despite the odds. I want to protect this tiny punch nerd and see it grow up healthy.

Gen 3:
Marshtomp / Medicham
Fave by generation - 3 by whmSeik

Another one I really couldn't pick for. Gen 3 was where, as previously stated, I realized I loved all fighting type Pokemon. However, let me talk about this durpy fish first. Marshtomp is fantastic. Hilariously, I didn't know how much I enjoyed it and its goofy self till I drew it for my sister's friend one day. And then I realized, "Oh man! This goofy fish is awesome! Look at this squishy thing!"  Its design is cute, its evolution is great (mega as well, bruh), and it's fun to draw. It's also like, one of the only non-fighting type or bird that I really like. Now, Medicham, I really loved using them in Ruby. Had a lot of hours on that game and had a Medicham for quite a bit of it. They were really strong and their designs are very cool looking to me. The one I had helped in the process of wiping out everything in the way with my Blaziken.

Gen 4:
Fave by generation - 4 by whmSeik
I'm seeing a pattern outside of the random fish that wormed its way into my likes. Birds and fighting types. If it punches/kicks or is covered in feathers, there is a good chance I love it. When I was playing Pearl I had no idea these guys existed, avoided leaks and whatnot. But oh man when I found one! Love parrots, had one at the time, but just, the cry, the design, the amusing thing they did with chatter, Chatot is awesome. I find them absolutely charming. And with X, I actually had 2 Boomburst birdies that I had a lot of fun using in random things around the end game stuff. These little dudes just beat out Gallade in terms of my 4th gen fave, and they were my top fave for a while, but then 5th gen rolled around. I still love 'em though!

Gen 5:
Fave by generation - 5 by whmSeik
If ya thought something else would be here, then I don't know what to tell ya other than I think you haven't spent much time in my gallery, haha. (Had to include my main three nerds in this doodle, sorry not sorry.) But anyway, Sawk was one of those that didn't get leaked early, that or I never saw it before the the games came out. So when I found one for the first time in game, I was really surprised. More so because, I was playing White, and I thought they were an exclusive catch for Black (I had a Throh for a majority of my game, his name was Shift and he was awesome). But, Sawk's design just really grabbed at me when I saw it and my brain went "That. That right there. That is your favorite Pokemon."; It looked hella cool, the cry was awesome sounding, and they were strong. Learning all the neat little background stuff on them was cool too; like how Sawk and Throh were originally intended to have horns instead of the crests so they would look like the red and blue Oni, but the design was altered so they wouldn't look too much like Tornadus and Thunderous.

I could keep going for a while on this, but I think you get the idea, haha. Either way, all time fave. Maybe they'll get a mega one day haha. 5th gen needs more mega evos for all the punch nerds.

Gen 6:
Fave by generation - 6 by whmSeik
Another Pokemon that wasn't leaked early really. Not exactly anyway. I remember the first blury screenshot of Hawlucha, so many people tried to debunk it. But hey, lucha hawk was real and I am so glad for that. I really enjoy the design for these guys and their cry, and if only gamefreak had put all the elemental gems in the game, I would have loved to have used an Acrobatics+Flying Gem+Unburden Hawlucha in fights. But hey, even without that combo, they are still awesome feathered punch nerds. Like, the combo of fighting type AND being a bird really draws me to these guys, best of both worlds right there. While it can't pass Sawk as all time fave, they're still in my top 5. Birb.


In conclusion, 7th gen needs more punchy nerds and birbs. These are absolutely necessary.
Supposed to tag six people for this, but, aaah-  Again, anyone who wants to do this, go for it!
The previous people for this used images that already existed, but I wanted to make my own doodles. So I doodled all these guys from memory, so if any of them look off that would be why (I still haven't gone to check either, aaaa). But yeah, go for it! And make sure that if you use other people's images for this to link back to them!


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